4 Unprofessional Critics To Expect On Your Way To Greatness

They are important but they can make you decide to quit. From here you won’t worry about them anymore, even if you want to introduce your art in an online forum like Nairaland.com. Some writers posted fantastic prose on naijastory.com, eventually spoilt it following some of these critics and have no knowledge to regret. These critics are in 4 categories here:

1. Those that laugh at you.

These are mostly those that knew you before. Those that knew when you were crawling or those that have tried what you are doing and failed or found it very very tedious or lucrative. You will figure out they are skillful in making you frown. They can also scare you to lose interest in an online marketing.

2. Those that are jealous of you.

These are people that (as if) God has made to be your enemies of progress. They naturally hate you even if they have never seen or known you before elsewhere. If I hate listening to a particular music or watching football, forinstance, I have no reason to hate a musician or a footballer, but they do this through giving a discouraging comment. They just can’t be patient to reason why it is wrong to do so, because they are mostly unmeticulous.

3. Those that unselfishly correct you.

These are people that might have passed through what you are currently passing through and knew it is not easy to connect the gap. Their comments always make you proud and zealous. These are people that can manage social network platform like Facebook pages or Tweeter account and get more and more new active fans. I remember when I reported a selfish attitude of an unidentified moderator to Seun Osawa (of Nairaland.com) publicly, I was nearly to tears when he listened to me and apologized although he never knew me before. He is a Godsend, a talented manager and a webmaster.

4. Those that say nothing.

These can be those that laugh at you or those that are jealous of you or those that unselfishly correct you but just dont want to say something. You won’t know them. Copy bloggers call them inactive visitors. Because STAT registered the arrival of 1000 visitors but only 100 responded to CTA (call to Action), only 400 liked it and only 50 commented on it. Perhaps only 800 or so read the content from the beginning to the very end.

What To Do From Here?

If you are an artist,
1. stop doubting of what critics say and try to be more and more creative.
2. think about what critics may say after publishing your work before publishing it.
3. continue doing your art for better for worse.

Maren John Mafuyai is also a Freelance and Ghost writer/blogger and editor.marenjmafuyai@gmail.com


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  1. Reblogged this on labimide's Blog and commented:
    This will surely encourage every fledgling writer.


  2. Nice one… very encouraging… I wish I can meet you and get to hear your story; how it has been, so far, in the writing business. What can I say? You rock!


  3. Thanks! You are really welcome. The future is bright!

    Always Maren John Mafuyai


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